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Your Backstage Pass

Fly Rod Chronicles focuses, not only on the amazing and adventurous locations and techniques of the art of fly fishing, but also on the people who love it. We make it our mission to explore the areas in which we film our shows, and to get to know the people, the communities, and the land. We want to give you a taste of what we experience on the road – and we want to bring that same attitude and outlook to our online community.

In effort to create and culture a community of knowledge, wisdom, and humor, we have enlisted the help of a number of creative anglers to share a little bit of their love of the sport with us here. Stop by frequently to check out the writings and musings of some of our sport’s most interesting writers. And feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences with us, as well. You just never know when we might decide to share your stories here, too!

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    David Hammond

    I love your show and passion for the sport of fly fishing. I myself am new to the sport and honestly find it a little intimidating there is so much to learn and so many products for sale and finding someone to help me is just as hard here in central Missouri. Is there any tips you have of where I could go to help me get better at fly fishing?
    Thanks David

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      Sorry for the delayed response, David! Here is what Greg Hall, one of our Pros, has to say:

      Congratulations on your new endeavor into fly fishing! I hope you will always enjoy it as much as I do. As you stated it may appear overwhelming in the beginning and appears very little help is available near central Missouri. Check with Trout Unlimited for chapters in your local and/or also The Izaak Walton League of America. Both are Conservation groups that offer many programs that are associated with fly fishing- from fly fishing classes to conservation projects. Working on one of their projects allows you to meet their members and many will partner up with you to go fly fishing in the future. They will teach many of the “secrets ” of fly fishing and show many of the places to fish in your area. Also, some of the local state parks may have programs available. Local fishing / fly fishing / outdoor shops will help you get started.
      David, yes there is much to learn. I have fly fished for over fifty years and I still learn something new every time I fish. Take your time and enjoy the outdoors and the fishing. The learning will follow. Another thought, there are so many videos on U-Tube if you run into a roadblock on your endeavor check here for some specific advice.
      Hope this helps! Fly fishing is the fasting growing sport among middle and upper executives and professionals. Also, the fastest growing outdoor for women. So there are many new fly fishers out there. This is a great way to network in finding new friends! Enjoy your life!!
      , Best Regards,
      Greg Hall, Exec Pro Staff
      Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming

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    Rick Fann

    Saw the two shows you did on the Deschutes River and thought they were great. I live in Seattle and have been taking my family vacations in Central Oregon since 1995. The rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest is truly a blessing.

    P.S. Really enjoy your show, keep them coming.

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